Marc Paul plays many Instruments, the Accordion, the Drums, the Bass, the Guitar,

and finally the organ & Piano.

his first appearance on stage was at age 15 as a percussionnist

in the Summer of 1982 he co-wrote with Marie-Thérese Paillé

his First International hit Released on Atlantic Label

"Can't Believe" by Nancy Martin (Nancy Martinez)

this song will stay on the American Billboard Top 80 Dance-Disco charts for 19 weeks

it will reach the 5th Position on the November 20th, 1982

Afterwards, he will work mostly on stage as musician for artists such as:

Céline Dion (before René Angelil discovered her),

Gilles Vigneault, Claude Valade, Paolo Noel, Evan Joaness, Mario Pelchat, Gil Tibo,

Johhny Farago (Marc was his last stage pianist before Johnny passed away in florida), Maxime Farago, Eric Martin, Ricky Mason, Ray Hutchinson, Diane Lee,

The Musicians of Ray Charles & the Raylett's, Dina Martin & Eddy Michael,

Pier Beland, Lisa Brady, Jano Bergeron ect…

While he’s still working on stage in Québec and Florida

Marc decide’s to open his 3rd Studio "a Fully Digital Studio" in 2006

he get’s technical support from his good friend Michel Bibeau” producer

and Digital audio recording Specialist on Mac & PC. 

This High-Tech Studio has everything you need for a professional audio production.